28 Kilo ChowkBanepa-6,Kavre

Why Us?

  1. Well-equipped workshop
    We have well equipped central manufacturing workshop located at Banepa, Kavre. We manufacture gate components, trash racks, bifurcation, pipes, Tee, truss structures etc in this workshop. We have rolling machine of capacity 50mm, vertical lathe and other major
    equipment which can provide quality services of manufacturing of hydro-mechanical components to our customers. We believe in on time manufacturing of quality products through the use of advanced technology in manufacturing.
  2. Experienced manpower
    We have highly experienced manpower who have been working in the field of hydropower and well qualified manpower from the recognized institution. We have highly motivated team who can handle projects efficiently and effectively. Our manpower are well trained, highly energetic, highly motivated, qualified and skilled to carry on their allocated task in a responsible manner.
  3. On time logistics
    We are very concern that material, hydro-mechanical components, consumables and other components required in the installation of hydro-mechanical components in site reach the site on time so that we can complete the project on allocated deadline. For this we have established dedicated department to manage our logistics which closely work with the site and the manufacturing department to ensure on time delivery of the products and resources.
  4. Well-equipped and managed site team
    We poses well-equipped, qualified and experienced site team who can undergo the site works efficiently and effectively. Our site teams are well dedicated for the progress of the project. We keep our machines and materials in site up to date in order to carry out the project task with in dead line.