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About Us

With a motive to provide best quality services in the field of hydro-mechanical works of Nepalese Hydropower sector and become a leading organization in this sector, Kathmandu Hydro Electric Pvt. Ltd was established on July, 2015. We have a vision to make Nepal a leading country in the power generation through hydropower and make Nepal a technological center in the field of hydropower. We have mission to make Nepal independent in the technology and human resources for the development and maintenance of hydropower.
According to International Hydropower Association, Nepal has theoretical hydropower potential of 84,000MW out of which 43,000 MW has been identified as economically viable. Nepal has current installed hydropower capacity of 753 MW. This clearly shows the potential of hydropower of Nepal and also emphasizes the need of the national company which can aid to harness this possibility.

-Lakshman Lama
-CEO,Kathmandu Hydro Electric Pvt. Ltd.