28 Kilo ChowkBanepa-6,Kavre


From its establishment we have been provide quality services on the hydro-mechanical works of
hydropower. We have been providing following services:

  1. Design of gates, trash rack, bifurcation, bends, Tee, metal surge tank, expansion joints, air release valve, wash plugs and truss structures from highly experienced and qualified experts.
  2. Quality fabrication of penstock pipes, headrace pipes, bifurcation, expansion joint, Tee,bends, expansion joints and truss structures.
  3. Installation and quality check of pipeline,bends,bifurcation,expansion joints, Tee, surge tank, air release valve, wash plugs, truss structures on site.
  4. Repair and maintenance of turbine. We have experienced experts, manpower and well equipped workshop for turbine repair and maintenance.
    We have been serving has a complete package of hydro-mechanical designer, fabricator and installation and testing service provider so, that our customer can have ease environment for the development of hydropower.